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A. Mc Jawelly - 12/29/97 11:06:59
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Visitor #: 888
Favorite song: Too much to list


jim - 12/23/97 04:33:55
Favorite song: morna

i love that trip-hoppy thing she does on morna.

Magdalene - 12/22/97 16:39:16
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Visitor #: 0829
Favorite song: untitled and unsung

"Am I so cold now that I'm older?" I love this band! Every song on this album somehow fits in my life, and just blows me away. Untitled and Unsung is perfect for me and The Bees is my next fave. I luckily got turned on to BELLY about two years ago, and I love my KING cd more and more each day! This is a cool page. BELLY is awesome!

Joseph - 12/21/97 23:41:22
My Email:arcaneblis@aol.com
Visitor #: Zero i think
Favorite song: i fell in love with pretty deep.

I saw tanya donelly open for the cure the other night, and i instantly fell in love with her. I never really was into belly, but after the show i was deeply moved. Now i am a listener all the time, not just when it is on the radio. ok im starting to ramble. ill stop now. I love the page. and maybe one day ill get to meet the girl of my dreams, Tanya. just a simple wish.

Doug Hill - 12/20/97 20:52:01
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Favorite song: Angel

Hey, great page!

Eric Ackroyd - 12/20/97 02:53:04
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Visitor #: 0000?
Favorite song: Low Red Moon (only have star at this stage)

Great Page! just picked up 'Star' the other day. I should've got it sooner cos it's an extremely good album...

keep up the good work,

Kevin Magee - 12/15/97 11:14:42
My Email:km089@students.stir.ac.uk
Visitor #: #0709
Favorite song: Pretty Deep or Swoon

Great site, great design (I hate writing these damned things)
I'm not sure how to get the guitar sounds. I use a Zoom 4040 and it's settings are kinda weird.

Thought I'd rant, but I changed my mind.

K. Magee

Joseph Vincent - 12/12/97 01:07:39
My Email:Arcaneblis@aol.com
Favorite song: Pretty Deep

Damn, Every time i hear that song i just want to cry. Don't know why though.
I saw her for the first time the other night at the Christmas show in boston.
I was impressed. Ok, thats all i have to say.

Jack L. - 12/08/97 21:48:25
My Email:s0311699@hawkmail.monmouth.edu
Favorite song: Too many

Cris: How do I get on the damn mailing list? Page is awesome as always...
love the Westbeth pics...I was there, probably only a few feet behind you.
Keep in touch.

mike lawrence - 12/05/97 06:17:36
My Email:be25928@binghamton.edu
Favorite song: white belly

I like the site. It had a lot of different pictures and fact i didn't know which is good because i've been to a lot of tanya sites.

robert - 11/19/97 06:22:19
Visitor #: 0524
Favorite song: swoon

well i just saw her at HOLLYWOOD ATHLETIC CLUB she was great. she
did a cover of a old Zombies hit, cool!

melissa - 11/13/97 01:21:55
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Favorite song: judas my heart


Johnny - 11/12/97 18:18:36
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Favorite song: Full Moon, Empty Heart

I just saw her at Gibsons and am once again addicted.

Levon Guiragossian - 11/11/97 20:25:35
My Email:twitch7@Hotmail.com
Visitor #: 432
Favorite song: The Bee's

Yes I just went to the Phoenix show where I drove 4 hours to see It was a excellent show Tanya sang great and she smelled wonderful I saw her on the King tour and I had forgotten how Fantastic she is live.- Levon

Jack Latona - 11/10/97 20:10:32
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My Email:s0311699@hawkmail.monmouth.edu
Favorite song: come on!!!

You are in dire need of Guitar Tab...for Belly, check out Kim Jester's pages, as for Tanya, well, I'm working as fast as I can! Write me back...maybe you can show me how to construct a decent page!

casey - 11/08/97 15:57:18

tanya is fine !!!

JaMm3r - 10/26/97 15:36:36
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Favorite song: Feed the Tree

Hiya! Nice page! It's good to see that the Tanya pages are starting to get some hits and stuff! :) Well, keep up the good work! Visit my page sometime and check out my Tanya Donelly photo gallery! :)

mouse - 10/21/97 23:28:24
My Email:mfl117@psu.edu
Visitor #: 232
Favorite song: i can't pick just one...

i love belly and all things tanya!!! her songs brighten my days! i'm going to her show next monday, i will meet her....

Robert Graham - 10/14/97 02:26:34
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Visitor #: 167
Favorite song: Swoon

Great web site, shame it isnt all here yet...

Jack - 10/08/97 16:27:34
My URL:http://www.angelfire.com/nj/jaxplaza
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Favorite song: How could you ask me to name one?!

Hey AWESOME site.....so you went to the CMJ show? Where are you from... I'm from Jersey..drop me a line sometime..its always nice to hear from a local fan.