" and someone writes another beautiful song... "

:::::: Lyrics ::::::

acrobat life on sirius
breathe around you manna
bum morna
bury my heart mysteries of the unexplained
clipped pretty deep
goat girl restless
how can you sleep spaghetti
human swoon the bright light
influenza these days
lantern vanilla

__ Belly
Angel Someone To Die For
Baby's Arm Spaceman
Diamond Rib Cage Star .|. *full band version*
Dream On Me L'il Ennio Stay
Dusted Low Red Moon Super-Connected
Every Word Now They'll Sleep Sweet Ride
Feed The Tree Puberty Thief
Full Moon, Empty Heart Red The Bees
Gepetto Sad Dress Untitled And Unsung
John Dark Seal My Fate Untogether
Judas My Heart Silverfish White Belly
King Slow Dog Witch

Tanya on the SG TANYA DONELLY has written so many excellent songs. They seem to fit my every mood... I always feel better after listening to one of her CD's.

Tanya's lyrics tend to be cryptic, leaving songs open for several different interpretations. I've posted lyrics to many of the songs from her solo and Belly days... The lyrics are written the way I heard them on the respective albums, so if a song is not 100% correct, feel free to email your interpretation to sealmyfate@wiw.org.