" i wish i carried a camera... "


:::::: Pictures ::::::

Gap advertisement Recording
Sitting down In the studio
Wearing headphones Standing
Using the SG Relaxing
Fan pic Smiling
Bed of flowers Portrait
Supper Club promo card Lying down
Leaning against a wall Glamour shot #1
Glamour shot #2
__ Belly
Pulse! cover Inside King
Reprise group photo Belly Up! on Guitar Player
Inside the Star songbook Tanya and Tom on Guitar Player
Tanya & the Gormans On Blender Interactive Magazine
On the beach Info Rock News
CD Review cover Rolling Stone cover
Inside CD Review NME Belly Breakup Article

__ Miscellaneous
Tanya's Les Paul Tanya's Boss Pedals More Pedals


__ 09-06-97 CMJ Festival at Irving Plaza_
Rich & Tanya Dean, Tanya, & Elizabeth Dusted Jules!
Landspeed Song Lantern flowers
introducing Rich Low Red Moon sustaining
Tanya Stomp! Time of the Season Pretty Deep


__ 10-28-97 Sam Goody In-store_
leather jacket finds her groove Rich w/ lapsteel Manna
Restless concentration Rich Gilbert! Rich w/ 10-string
barre chord from the floor no flash autographing


__ 10-28-97 Westbeth Theatre Concert_
The Bees Low Red Moon Bright Light Mysteries...
in motion accordion Dean on backup the mood
southern comfort adjustments awesome Rich & Dean
Dean Fisher! Swoon SPASTIC Rich! Zombies cover
Elizabeth Steen! intro LP Deluxe "Ahh"
breathe Pretty Deep Human look of concern
high note Rich Gilbert! solo side profile
Breathe Around You Dave Narcizo! acoustic Time of the Season
encore: Bum . . Dean after the show

Concert photographs by Cristopher Aguinaldo and are exclusive to the Seal My Fate and Concerts.WiW.org websites. For more pictures from Irving Plaza on Sept. 6, 1997 and coverage of the Sam Goody in-store and Westbeth Theatre concert on Oct. 28, 1997 click on the slide show links below.

09-06-97 CMJ Festival at Irving Plaza
10-28-97 Sam Goody In-store and Westbeth Theatre Concert