Named after the song that first got me into Belly, Seal My Fate has changed a lot since it was first created back in October 1997. New features (like the ICE Chat and Pictures) have been added, while others (like the Tablature and Links section) have grown and evolved.

I'll be contributing to the Tanya Donelly / Belly Tribute Album, a collection of covers done by fans from all over the world! My main inspiration for learning how to play guitar came from listening to Tanya Donelly and Belly. (My other influences include Juliana Hatfield, Bettie Serveert, and U2)

Their music is captivating... it just makes you want to get up and play along! So naturally, there'd be some guitar related goodies on this website. Of course, there's the mandatory Tablature section... but you'll also find the effects pedal settings Tanya used for her tour in support of Lovesongs For Underdogs! I'm still working on getting settings for other effects pedals/processors... if you can get Belly or Tanya sounds from your equipment, please send me the settings!

Hope you found what you were looking for... If not, there's a fairly good selection of links to other websites for you to try out. Feel free to email any comments/suggestions, and don't forget to sign the Guestbook!

- Cristopher Aguinaldo